Dynamic R&B, House / EDM and Nu Jazz producer, DJ and composer Magic Mendez and his creative complement Harmony Blackwell have been performing together since meeting in a New York high school at sixteen.  

The versatile vocalists and multi-instrumentalists are members of the legendary R&B group "The Whispers" (Rock Steady, And The Beat Goes On) AND they are the heartbeat of "Me and My Friends” - their platform for originals, covers and collaborations.   

Inspired by The Whispers since childhood, the music of Me and My Friends seeks to:

Embrace life

Explore social issues

Celebrate love

Erase Racism

“If we stand together, 

we won't fall apart!”

Harmony, Magic and The Whispers

What's New

Magic Muzik Productions presents bright re-recordings of The Whispers greatest hits and new songs as the R&B legends take control of their musical catalog with the sizzling orchestrations of longtime producer and collaborator Magic Mendez.

A glimpse of The Whispers Orchestra

The Whispers Orchestra Pictured (left to right:)  

Emilio Conesa (Guitar)
Rich Aguon (Drums)
Tim Gant (Keyboards)
Rodney Whitehead (Monitors) 
Alonzo Ward (Road Manager)
Harmony Blackwell (Playback/Programming Engineer/Vocals)
Magic Mendez (Bass/Vocals)
Dewayne Sweet (Keyboards) 
Aya Iwata (Keyboards) 
John Valentino (Sax)

Book Collaboration for a Cause

Amazon Best Selling Author Zen Toronto’s books are not only able to unlock your motivation and self-transformation, but also build a chain of lasting positive effects by donating royalties from her books to foundations for children in need. 

This time she collaborated with Magic Mendez, a seasoned musician as well as vocalist and producer of the legendary Whispers. He is an amazingly dedicated musician and extraordinary person, Spiritualist and Philanthropist. Dedicated to all of you who want to build a solid RELATIONSHIP. Royalties of this book will be used to support the Cancer Children Foundation. 

Love & Gratitude,

Zen Toronto & Magic Mendez

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